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Bethany, Aaron and Simon and Callum

My babys in heaven I am so sorry I cant cuddle you or give you a kiss goodnight. You are always in my heart forever. Mummy loves you all xx


My Awesome mum, I will love you always, You are and were the best person I will ever know xxx


Our beautiful daughter taken by Covid 19 age 46. Always loved and missed 💛💔💛


Still miss you so much Dad you were and still are my hero love you❤️

James Holt

It is a long time since you left us, but you are always here, in our hearts.

George Muir

Still missing you xx

peter Burgess

Happy fathers day to the best ever dad who is sadly missed, wish so much you could've meet your new granddaughter Ellie and James your grandson and other granddaughter lucy Missing you always xx

Anthony George bud Abbott RCAF 405 Squadron

In loving memory of the best father ever happy fathers day loved an missed always

Paul Anthony warsap snr

Miss you like mad dad and miss your laugh and smile just wish you was still here but I know that you are no longer in pain. One day we will meet again. Love Marie xxx

High turnbull

Never stop missing and now great great to you.hope your with mumxxxxxxx


My first father's Day without you! Miss and love you so much x


I miss you so much Dad xxx


Dad I miss you more every day, not sure what you'd say to the current situation going on. No doubt we would have had a good old natter about it all. Wish you were here.

Stacey may morris

I miss you so much wish you would walk threw the front door one more time love you Stacey my beautiful daughter xx

Graham allan

God bless you and keep you safe knowing you are loved

Partick and Noah

Miss you both loads and love you both deeply sad that you are both in Heaven but Grandad will keep you safe Noah xxxxxx


Miss you so much. We were always together. My heart has followed you to heaven 😢


We will never forget you Debbie Nor will your lovely three children,Alan,Nicola and Abbey. Forever loved


Alasdair you are missed so much and loved more than you ever realised . you were and are so very special x


You left me 10yrs ago today never out of my thoughts


Beautiful memories of my lovely big man. Loved and missed eternally


Beautiful selfless and lovely. You was always there for us no matter what. I'll treasure the 39 years of beautiful memories i have. Miss you so much so do the kids we all do. Our favourite little nan, love you always. When it's my time i hope you have a roast beef dinner waiting for me xxxxx


You were one of the kindest and most selfless people, always there for your family and friends. You are so missed by all your family mum, we still can’t believe you have gone, you are in our hearts and memories forever, rest in peace.


Still .miss you.both. My dad.never got cHance to enjoy his retirement. My.mum.our family rock.a tower of strength when she widowed.there together now.kisses.xxxxx


Always.always gave me gave me laughter.we shared good and bad times. But..always found each other and knew each other inside out.miss you so very very.much.kisses to heaven xxx💔


I will always miss you Dad and I hope that one day we will meet again. Remember dad you will never walk alone, and neither will I, with you by my side.


Devastated to lose you mum, but we have wonderful memories to keep us going. Love you always x


Miss you every day. Love you forever xxxx


Forever the Hill family Matriach. Always remembered for the glint in her eyes and the grandchildren's photo wall. xxx

Lynne Newlands

Always in our hearts and thoughts x